Friday, September 25, 2009

Sequencing And Sounds

I've been grappling with sequencing the album's song order for the last few days, and I'm psyched that it's come together... each song now follows the last with what I think is a good organic feel.

Most of the songs are short and sweet, and even after living with - and inside - them for a while I have to say I love the way they sound. Scott's production is great, leaving lots of room for space that's not empty, but animated by the way sound resonates in his studio.

One of the highlights of going back through the songs was rediscovering, through good speakers, "At Dusk," the album's first track. It features beautiful, almost otherworldly, playing from Scott on string bass, Robby Cosenza on drums and Jimmy C. Clarke on trumpet and violin.

With sequencing done, and album art nearing completion, we're moving towards production. I'm happy with the way things are going and eager to share the new songs.

Thanks for your support!


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