Saturday, December 11, 2010

Limited-Run CDs Are Sold Out!

Many thanks to all who ordered the albums of early Tarbox material. These CDs are now sold out and should ship today, Saturday December 11. I hope you enjoy the music!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Because You Demanded It! Fresh Sounds For Autumn Ears

UPDATE, DEC. 11: These CDs are now sold out. Thanks!

The Tarbox Ramblers are issuing limited-run archival CDs - FIRST SONGS, GOSPEL CROSS and A PACKAGE WITH BOTH CDs - in response to many requests for primeval Tarbox material. All songs were recorded, in several band configurations, before The Ramblers released their Rounder CDs. We're making only 50 copies of each CD, and 50 copies of a set with both discs.

Prewar blues, swamp and jug band music - it's where we come from. These are small band recordings, trios and quartets with National Steel, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, string bass, one-string bass, washboard and harmonica. All recorded in glorious direct-to-tape lo fidelity. Tracks are Rollin' and Tumblin', So Glad You're Mine, Twist Your Stuff, Down South Blues, Step It Up and Go, Oh Death and Something There.

For a very short time The Tarbox Ramblers was a biggish group of 9 members - mandolin, 2 guitars, a choir of 3 siren backup singers, drums, string bass and fiddle - with a focus on old blues and gospel. Lots of gospel. It didn't last long - it was unwieldy, and took more rehearsal than we had time for - but we got some great recordings out of it. You'll hear the enthusiasm of a group realizing it was onto a good thing and having a ball. Tracks are: 12 Gates To The City, St. James Infirmary, KC Moan, No Night There and King's Highway.

The double CD package features both First Songs and Gospel Cross. Primitive sounds to soothe your savage soul, gospel because you're gonna walk in the light.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Live 3-20-10

Thanks to the many friends, and many great musicians - Zack Hickman, Adam Mujica, Margaret Glaspy, Charlie Rose, Dave Curry, Mark Poniatowski and Alan Kaufman - who made the album release show so much fun. Here's the band performing Whose Fault But Mine?: